Sub-Saharan Africa University (SSAU)

SSAU is a community's centered Higher Learning Institution created in, 2014 in Goma, DRC. SSAU complies with National regulations of Higher Learning Institutions in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Location of SSAU

SSAU is located in the center of the city of Goma. Goma is the capital city of North Kivu Province in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Located about 1500 meters above sea level in the Rift Valley. The town is built along and north of Lake Kivu on old lava flows from Virunga volcanic chain, mainly those of the Nyiragongo volcano which dominates almost 2000 meters to 20 km further north.


SSAU positions as a driver for change and progress by its intellectual, cultural and scientific contribution to the society through teaching, research and community engagement.


SSAU positions itself as a reference on the university scene in Africa and the world by:

  1. Promoting a student centered teaching and community development;
  2. Promoting African indigenous knowledge in the world of science, through teaching, research and community engagement;
  3. Promoting the culture of innovation, entrepreneurship and research;
  4. Promoting cooperation between universities of Africa and those of the world;
  5. Facilitating the exchange of African students, teachers and other universities in the world;
  6. Promoting a people to people diplomacy in Africa and cooperation between the community, scholars and policy makers and;
  7. Promoting quality education in DR Congo and Africa.


SSAU is bilingual. French and English are medium languages of teaching and research. While French and English remain the languages of teaching and research, SSAU promotes African indigenous languages for future teaching and research.

Teaching support and Social sector

SSAU established a health center, which is used by medical sciences students to practice and serve the surrounding community to the University. SSAU has a library, but with hope to expand it. It also has a Computer Lab. SSAU developed community projects where students, community members unite for community development. Among these projects include Community Health Project, Community Conflict Resolution Project, Community Support Business Project and English for all Training Project.

Community Health Project

The aim of community Health Project is to educate the communities on the health-related matter including awareness, HIV free testing and counseling, hygiene and a mobile clinic. Community Health Project is led by a qualified Medical Practitioner who is an academic member of staff together with students from the Faculty of Health Sciences.

SSAU Health students during a community outreach

Community Conflict Resolution Project

The aim of SSAU Community Conflict Resolution Project is to partner with the communities in resolving community’s conflict. SSAU, community’s Conflict Resolution Project is led by an academic member of staff together with students in Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies.

Team of students in conflict resolution and Peace Studies during the conference.

English for All

English for all programme is designed to assist members of the community to acquire Basic English skills to enable them to communicate in English and network with outside world, facilitate business and human interconnections. The course is offered free of charge.

Awarding English language attendance certificates