Research and Cooperation

Teaching, research, community engagement, and cooperation remain the pillars of SSAU. SSAU has a research center and has established cooperation and collaborations with different institutions of higher learning, research, public and grassroots community’s organizations.

Central to SSAU cooperation approach is to bring together scholars around the world, civil society, policy-makers and ordinary members of the society to contribute positively and collectively to the development of our planet. These will be achieved through the exchange of skills, information, and networking.

SSAU, plans to establish numerous programmes in order to achieve its objectives. These include exchange program and networking between students, Academics from universities across the world and Africa in particular. Cultural exchange programmes, joined research and publication, the establishment of Journal and press that will serve as a platform for collaboration and exchange of information.

Since its opening, SSAU forged partnerships with local and international academic institutions and has already received two scholarships of its teaching staff pursuing their studies abroad.

Furthermore, six of the SSAU students also benefited through cooperation scholarships including two international scholarships and four local scholarships granted by SSAU.